Monday, February 9, 2009

What a wonderful day

Today all around was just wonderful. I stayed home other than running to the bank. Me and Justice played most of the day and just hung around the house, we did go for a walk and when we started to head home it started to hail hard and the hail was big so I ran most of the way home since Justice was saying "momma head". I do not think he liked the hail on his head. Tomorrow I will be working from home and getting some other things done. Hopefully it will be just as wonderful of a day as it was today. Oh yeah I got Justice to say I love you a couple of days ago. He only said it once and will not say it again but at least I have heard it from my little man once. It was cute and it made me so happy and smiley inside. He said "I nun you" but I knew what he meant. Lately he has wanted to cuddle with me a lot and I really love it.


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