Sunday, December 28, 2008


I am so glad that the snow is gone and the Christmas festivities are over. Don't get me wrong I love this time of year there is just so much that goes on that time at home is few and far between.
Christmas eve we had Justice and Adina open their presents from us and that was fun especially watching justice open this year because he actually wanted what was under the paper and not just the paper. Then Christmas morning we did stockings and Santa gifts, then off to Aaron's parents to do it all over again and eat brunch. From there we went to Aaron's aunts and uncles place which was a long drive in crappy weather. We had a lot of fun everywhere. Then off to home. Which took for ever and every idoit was out driving around. We finally got home about 9 and got the kids off to bed. To get up in the morning and head to my mom's house. We all had a lot of fun and I love the holidays with family being able to spend time with everyone. This year at my mom's was different though because my three step sisters were not there, it was less chaotic but I missed them and wished that they could have made it.
I have been trying to take broken presents back and do exchanges and that is the part that I hate to do after the holidays.

Can't wait to do it all over again next year just hopefully the weather will be better and we will not have as much to do since it will be my year which means christmas morning will be at my mom's and grandma's houses and then we will do Aaron's family another day and that will be just his parent's house.

I am sad looking back on last year and how small justice was and this year he is so much bigger and so independant it just makes me think that I no longer have a baby but a big boy and he doesn't need me anymore. Ok I know that is not true but that is just how I feel. I think we need another one now so justice has some one his age to play with and so that Joel and Wendy's baby will have someone born around the same time as that one.
Now that the holidays are over back to normal life and hopefully I will have time to blog more.

Monday, December 22, 2008

I love the snow when it comes and then leaves but I am not one to like it to stay around. Justice has played in a few times but it has been really cold to take a little boy out there to play. I wish that the snow would go away since I am trapped at home. I do not drive a 4 wheel drive vehicle and even if I still had mine I would not drive in this weather. I am bummed today becuase me and Justice were supposed to go to bellingham to my sister ocean's adoption today ( a long time waiting for this day to come), Aaron had agreed to let me take his truck and he would drive the scout and I was good with this idea until I woke up this morning and we had gotten another foot of snow last night, so that destroyed those plans since I don't like to drive in this any way and that much more snow made me doubt that I could do it. I am sure that I could have but nothing is important enough to put my life and my son's life in danger to go somewhere. Ocean I love you and this was important but hopefully when you are older you will understand.
So we are stuck at home again. Tonight when Aaron gets home he will have to drive me around to get my avon delivered. He said that was ok with him, so we will just wait to see when he gets home and go and get my customers their items for christmas.
Yeasterday we went shopping. Justice had gotten money for christmas so I got him a DVD player for my truck so he can watch that when we are out on avon deliveries or when we are going to bellingham. Just when ever to keep him entertained since he is in the car alot more than most children.
I got clothes with some of my money which was needed since I really don't have that many that fit and are nice.
Aaron got a new pair of shoes and Adina got clothes too. We had a lot of fun shopping yesterday and it was nice because not many people were out.

Saturday we did christmas with my dad's side and it was a lot of fun. The kids all had a blast and it was sure nice to spend time with that side of my family since I do not get to do as much of that as I would like.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

First snow

Today it started snowing. We were at Aaron's parents house and Justice got to have his first snow ball fight with his Uncle Joel and daddy. He had a blast. He then had to go and find every puddle out there to stomp in and just get wet and dirty. Thank goodness I brought his pj's down there so that I could get the wet clothes off of him and put him in something dry and warm
So far this month we have got our shopping done. Justice helped put up the tree and decorate the house and now I will start making some cookies for the many christmases that our family attends. I am looking forward to watching Justice open his presents since last year he did not really care since he was so young and this year I know he cares because he keeps sneeking under the tree to pull presents out to open. He cares about the ones wrapped in sponge bob wrapping paper the most, of course those ones are his too. Go figure. He is a smart little boy, sometimes too smart for his own good, but that is alright I love him and would not trade him for the world.
Tomorrow morning Aaron will be hunting so me and Justice since we are stuck at home since the weather is not something that I like to drive in, we will be playing outside in the snow. Not my favortie thing to do because it is too cold and I do not care for the cold, but I know that Justice likes it so it is something that we will do. Maybe he will sleep in for me too that would be a wonderful surpise that I would cheirsh for a long time. Being a full time mom there is not a lot of sleep but there are sure a lot of rewards to this job.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Ok so I got in the shower. I guess I am not supposed to do that with a little boy up, but I did and this is the mess that he made for me. What a big helper. I love him but there are days that I want to duck tape him to something so that I can get cleaned up for the day and not have to clean the house when I am done.


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