Saturday, May 30, 2009

Long day

Today was a long day away from my little man. I had training for Cookie Lee so Justice got to stay home with daddy (well go to stay with daddy they were not at home.) I am tired and wiped so I am not going to post much other than it was a good day to spend time with some cookie sisters, but I was glad to come home to my little man, he was so happy to see me and that is well worth the time being gone in my mind.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Today was a busy day of playing and more playing. We reviewed some products and Justice just played in the pool, sand box and with the neighbor boys for a little while. It was a wonderful day to just sit outside and relax. I even got in the pool a couple of times today since I got too warm, it was refreshing and nice.
I got the house cleaned and some things done today while justice napped but other than that I just hung out with my little man today.

Justice did decide today to take his shorts and diaper off and run around the yard naked for a while and get in one of my flower pots naked, sit down and told me he was a flower. Then he went and got in the pool because he did not like the dirt on his bum. I thought it was cute, but when I told daddy he did not think it was a great idea, but my thought is he is two and when he gets older he won't be able to do that without getting into trouble so I let him play that way for a little while then I took him in the house and got him into a diaper and some shorts and back outside we went.

Tomorrow little man will be with daddy all day and I should be home just about bed time. Daddy and little man will be going to grandma and pappa's house for a while and I will be at a training class for cookie lee all day, but it is something that I enjoy to do.

Handy, Fun to Eat, On-The-Go Snack Offers Full Serving of Pure Fruit

Peter Rabbit Whole Fruit Snacks are wonderful, Justice whom is two loves them because it is a snack that he can squeeze and eat all on his own. They are convent and very portable and even resealable, so if your little one does not eat all of it, it does not need to be thrown away just put the top back on and throw it is the refrigerator for later.There is nothing for little ones to choke on so you do not need to watch them 24/7 as they enjoy this wonderful tasting 100% healthy snack. We as mother's need more snacks like this because kids do not know that it is healthy all they care is that is tastes good and it is fun to eat. While Justice ate these today all he could say was "num" so I knew it was a winner there.

Why a pouch?
perfect, healthy on-the-go snack for busy parents
kids will enjoy straight from the pouch (no dishes to do afterward, added bonus)
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easy to save for later

What is really in the pouch?
our flavors names are our ingredients so you won't have to read our labels
100% organic fruit
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Looking for an organic and drug free way to fight queasiness? Morning sickness and upset stomach are no obstacle for the Sour Raspberry flavored Queasy Drops from Three Lollies. The dietary supplement can also be used to help ease dry mouth and stimulate the appetite. Not only are Queasy Drops good for you and your loved ones, but they are good for others too! Simply purchase a pack of the Queasy Drops Organic Pink to support the STOP CANCER Marni Fund for breast cancer research. A percentage of every sale will be donated to the fund. Cure your nausea and help find a cure for breast cancer!

These drops taste wonderful and really work. I was not feeling so hot in the car today and they really worked and made my stomach feel much better. I am going to keep these in the house for my son when he is not feeling so hot in the car and for when we decide to have another kid. They come in cute round containers that are reusable and the queasy drops are individually wrapped. These are a must have for pregnant moms, and anyone whom gets car sick.
Head on over to to check out what other products they carry.

Wedding Belle Favors has wonderful things for any wedding that is out there. They are cute and very well made. These things are something that I wished that I had at my wedding, but I would recommend for anyone getting married in the future to head over and check them out. They are light weight so the baskets are just perfect for little girls to carry and who would not want to go home with a wedding dress or tux full of candy.

Stylish Flower Girl Baskets

Give your shining star a stylish basket! Our fashionable flower girl baskets are made of satin and come in the following color combinations: aqua and chocolate brown, aqua and white, pink with chocolate brown, white with black, or white with pink. These baskets are made to match our Stylish Ring Pillows. Each basket is 5 inches tall (without the handle).

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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Cheaper Than Therapy

The new diaper

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pitch Bloggers

About Pitch Bloggers: “Is reaching out to mom bloggers part of your public relations or marketing strategy? If so, you may be ethicaloverwhelmed by the number of moms talking, connecting, and sharing online. How do you know who is right for your pitch, how to get in touch with them and what is the best way to optimize your relationships with these influencers once you have connected?

The social media landscape shifts at breakneck speed and keeping up with this market takes a lot of time and work. Whether you are an in-house marketing or media relations professional, or work for an agency, we know your time is at a premium. You need a resource to help you engage with this sought after community in the most efficient and effective manner. Look no further.”
Come over and join us at pitch bloggers. Where you can meet with PR and they can meet with you for reviews and giveaways.

Just thought this was too cute not to share since you all have seen the little man now you can see who has made the little man

You Can Make This is an award-winning website that offers a vast selection of sewing and crafting ebooks. There are also books for cooking, woodworking, digital scrapbooking, and much more and they are wonderful.

I do enjoy doing simple sewing projects and crafts during my spare time which is far and few between, before we had our son I had more time for these types of things. I was both happy and sad to receive the chance to review this ebook for making personalized name pillows. I was very happy to get this review to do because it is something that is fun and I have been wanting to do.

What I thought about this ebook from
The step-by-step instructions are very clear and easy to follow, and also anyone could do this.

I like that the ebook comes with the patterns for the letters. Yes, it would be easy to draw your own, but having the patterns makes all your letters consistent in style, shape, and size.

This does require a sewing machine and the basic knowledge of how to operate one.

I am going to be making a lot of these pillows for my son, stepdaughter, 12 brothers and sisters, two nieces and three nephews and I might even make some for my mom, dad, stepmom, stepdad my and my hubby we will see how much time and energy I have when I get the sewing machine serviced so that I can get busy on these.

If you are curious about the products at You Can Make This, then I encourage you to check out their free ebooks. There are lots of fun projects there and they are free to download!

What you can win:
The prize for this contest is a PDF version of the Personalized Name Pillow eBook, complete with instructions, patterns, and color photos. There will be 2 winners for this contest.
The winners will need to download the book themselves and print off the ebook. It is worth it. Open to anyone in the world.
You do not need to be a blogger to enter, but you must have a valid email address. If you enter anonymously and do not include a valid email address in your comment entries, I will not be able to notify you should you win this random drawing.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a weekend

On Sunday we did the normal going to bellingham and doing our running around after church. It was a good day and I really enjoy seeing my family and so does justice.
Monday I took Justice down to Aaron's parents house about 8 in the morning and I headed home. We were going on a motorcycle ride and I have not done this in like three years. We left our house about 9:30 and headed up hwy 20 to clarks cabins for lunch which is a about 1hour and 15 mins, then we went up a little farther to the dam and hung out. It was such a nice and beautiful ride, I now remember what I liked about riding my motorcycle and why I used to do it. We got home about 4 o'clock and had to head down south to get little man.

He has a blast, went to the park, played in the water and just hung out. He did not even really care that I was there to get him. We stayed and bbqed it was a wonderful day. Before we went home we stopped by Joel and Wendy's (aaron's brother) new house to see it. It is really cute and Justice had fun running around there. We got home about 9 pm and I cuddled with justice for a few mins. then off to bed. He was tired but really well behaved since his bed time is between 7:30 and 8:00 now that is jumps in his crib if I put him in there too soon.

I love long weekends that we can do things together and have fun. I am so thankful that Justice likes going to our parents house, that makes it so easy for me to leave him becuase I know that if he through a fit everytime I would have a really hard time leaving him

The Pak Naks are 3D, rubbery, interchangeable and are super easy to attach to surfaces (with no work or hassle for mom and dad). We knew self-adhesive, flexible, weatherproof designs were crucial to making Naks work. In the early days, we experienced what we now know many start ups go through – one day we were plotting certain world conquest, the next we wondered what on earth we were thinking. These things are the most wonderful for little guys whom wants to put hings on the their clothes, diaper bags.

I have had these on many different items and my son whom is two absolutely loves the pak naks. Ted the head (frog) is my two year old favorite.

Pak naks
has 40plus age appropriate designs that are interchangeable, weather resistant and quick and easy to to put on all different items.

These are a must have for little ones and especially for the kids that are in school and love to decorate their backpacks but don't ever want the same thing for very long.

This product is recommended for children 4 and older.

Pak Naks Has offered 4 of my readers a chance to win some of these awesome products:

Enter to win visit Pak Nak and let me know which is your favorite and whom you would get them for.

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Pop Art Toaster
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You can make this
15% of any purchase
Coupon Code SUMMER09
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Today has been a wonderful day with aaron and justice. We played outside and just hung around the house. It was nice I like the days when we get to stay home and do a whole lot of nothing. Justice got up this morning and went and woke daddy up and talked and talked it wad so cute. He talked about everything under the sun. Then he had to jump on daddy in bed it was so cute. Aaron tended to justices wounds again today because they are not looking to best but he survived the cleaning and medicine part of it. I decided today to go for. A ride on my motorcycle which I have not done in a long time. 2 years. It was fun and I forgot how much I like to ride, while I was gone justice got to stay home with daddy and cuddle with him. Justice normally is a momma boy but not today he was all about his daddy, and that is nice to have that happen because he needs that time with his daddy. Justice is in bed and me and hubby are having a fire outside and drinking hot cocoa it is nice to spend some time together once and a while.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Today me and Justice went to bellingham so that I could get some work done at my moms. I also helped her outside in the yard getting things ready for the garden, while I was helping Justice was running around and playing since they have a huge yard compared to ours. He had so much fun putting water in the pond and just playing. I love those days. We were there the most of the day then I decided since I was in town that I would stop by my dads even though we saw him in the morning, but my sister was at school and my step mom was not home so we went back. Justice got to play some more and play in the sprinkler. He all around had a wonderful day, well that is until we got home.

I asked him if he wanted to go outside for a little while so he took off outside and I was following. I was not out the door yet and I heard him hit the concrete and start screaming. I looked and he was on his face. Justice had tripped over the puppy and face planted it into the concrete and cut his nose, head and under his nose. He looks horrible and I feel terrible.

I had daddy take care of his owees when he got home and make them all better with medicine.
My little man is down and sleeping now and I am wiped from our wonderful day with a crappy ending

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cheaper Than Therapy

the first time in the pool this year. He loved it and I can not wait for more warm days to get it out again for him.

Today has been wonderful, we did some of our errands and now Justice is down for his nap so I thought I would try to get somethings done today. He has not gotten into anything or create any messes today that are not apart of the normal everyday living which is wonderful since there are days when he is a monster and destroys everything in the house and in sight which can get old some days after about the tenth or so major mess. We even got a walk in today and it was so nice. I love walking with my little man and sometimes I am even lucky he will hold my hand like today. I am not sure what we are going to do for the rest of the day but I am sure that we will have a nice time since it is so warm out today

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This is what happens when I let him run around. He was about one in this picture. Wow they get big fast

What a day

Sorry I have not posted in a while, trying to get some things up and going for reviews and giveaways and had a lot of work to catch up on this weekend

Today was a alright day. We stayed home and cuddled most of the day since I had a migraine all day long. It was so nice to spend the day with my little man and not do much of anything. Later in the day Chad the neighbor not came over to play whom is 7 then I had Chris who is 13 and Cody whom is 14 all came over to play with justice it was load and very chaotic in my house and it did not help that I had a headache but justice was having fun so that is all that matters. Tonight was also pot roast night where I make post roast and our friends come over eat with us and watch a movie tonight there was nine of us for Dinner and dessert and then four of us will watch the movie. I like these nights and justice had to have all of our friends tick him in tonight to bed it was so cute.
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Friday, May 15, 2009

Ok so this morning me and Justice were doing our normal thing when we get up. We cuddled up on the couch to watch some cartoons, well I must have fallen asleep and woke up to my son dumping baby powder all over me and all over the house. It was a mess and I am still not done cleaning it up, but hay at least my house smells good right? I am now washing almost everything that was in his room, the blankets from the coach, some of his stuffed animals and the walls, the bed the crib and not to mention I had to take a shower after that. What a mess and I used to think that I liked the smell of baby powder until it is poured all over your face while you are sleeping. So much of it was floating in the air that I had to open the windows and we had to leave for a while to let the house air out because I could not take the smell any longer. It was making me nuts, well I am already there but more so then normal.I need to make sure that I do not fall asleep again with the little man running around by himself, it works for daddy he will just cuddle next to Aaron while he sleeps but with me he has to get into everything and make sure that he makes a really big mess in doing so.
I think now today I will have about four loads of laundry to do after the mess justice made, oh well it should keep me busy the most of the day. We have already taken Aaron's check to the bank and taken him a coffee. Now we are at home trying to see what I can get accomplished here. We will see since it is supposed to be really nice and warm out today which is has not been for a while, so I might just not do anything and go outside with Justice and play, we will see what the day brings.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

What a day

Today started to be a normal day then my grandma called and told me to come to bellingham. I only normally do this on the weekends, but we went. Justice had a lot of fun looking at grandma's new pond and playing there. Then since we were up there we went to my dad's which is only a couple of blocks away. We stayed in bellingham for four hours, it was nice to be able to visit and see my family. Since I do not get to do that very much. We then headed home to find out that I was excepted by pitch bloggers. I am so excited about this. I would really like my blog turn into something with reviews/giveaways and of course my opinion since I am so good about giving that. I am a down to earth, fun loving, momma whom is not afraid to state my opinion about anything.

Justice is now down to bed and I am playing with my new toy. My blackberry pearl. I love it................. I love being able to get my emails and things while I am not at my computer. What did I ever do before this? I am so lost now if I do not have it with me, but that only happened yesterday for a while, they had to trade it out for a new one since something on the first one did not work right. But now I have one that is working and I am loving it.

Cheaper Than Therapy

This is something that is just to precious not to share, this is my hubby Aaron, Justice maybe a week old, Aaron's Dad Robert and Aaron's grandpa Nels. 4 Generations of men.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This is what happens when you are cooped up all day long with the chicken pox.

Today was a wonderful day with me little man. We played outside, made Avon deliveries and just did mommy and son things. It is so nice that Justice is feeling so much better and it chicken pox are almost gone. Every day that that I spend with my son it makes me so thankful that I am a mom. I also wonder every day what I did before I was a mom, it seems like was not complete until I become a mom to the worlds most wonderful little man. I am thankful for everyday that god has given me with my son. Justice looks like me his momma and acts most of the time Just like his daddy. He is sweet, stubborn, has to get his way,he is loving, funny, very caring and has the best memory I have seen in a little boy. I would not change a thing about him and I love every quality that my son has.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cookie Lee is a jewerly line that is only sold through an independent sales consultant. It is shown through home and office shows and through the brochure. There is something about this jewerly that I love and the prices are so reasonable too. The prices range from 14-48 dollars, wow that is a wonderful price especially the way our economy is right now. I have the chance to offer $100.00 in free jewerly to one lucky winner. This will be preselected. There are many ways that you can enter to win.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Since this year Justice had chicken pox and with so many small children in my family it was a given that we would be staying home. Then aaron's family also did not want it so that was another stay home, so we stayed home for mother's day. It was wonderful, Aaron went and got breakfast, Justice and Aaron both got me cards, then I ran and got coffees which was needed. Then I got Justice down for his nap and I got in the shower, and got ready for the day. I like sometimes to just lounge around the house in my pjs and not get ready for the day. Then when Justice got up I decided that we would take him to the park to play. He had so much fun swinging, sliding down the slides, and chasing squirles and just running around the play equipment. All and all it was a wonderful mother's day, then after justice went to bed me and the hubby curled up on the living room floor and watched a movie, that was after we ate way to much dinner and did not feel so well.

I love being a mother,
wiping noses,
changing diapers
cleaning up messes
kissing owes
tucking him into bed
going in at least 5 times before he falls asleep
giving baths
making food
doing laundry
hearing momma
the kisses and hugs
everything is just so wonderful about being a mom even the no sleep and worrying when they are not feeling well or making sure that their bumps and bruises do hurt any more

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I got a trial sample in the mail from Dove and coupons the other day (well it was full sized which was nice). This deodorant is wonderful and smells really nice too. I have never really tried anything new since I found something that worked and I have always stuck with that, but since this was free I wanted to try it and I really like it. It goes on smooth and covers nicely, I smells wonderful and keeps you dry. It also keeps you stubble free longer which is an added plus all in its own. It offers 24 hours wetness and order protection so you can not worry all day and all night and with little ones we all know how important that is. This deodorant is one of the best that I have ever tried, it feels nice and does not get all over your clothes or clump up like other ones do. This is something that I will keep in my bathroom to use everyday.
So here it is my first giveaway:
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Leave a comment about what kind of deodorant you use and why you want to try dove and I will pick 24 readers to get these coupons to.
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Chicken Pox

Yesterday I had to take Justice to the doctor because he has the chicken pox, which I feel horrible for him. Not much that I can do for it other than just take care of him and comfort him. The doctor says that he needs to stay home for 7/10 days. Today he woke up with more bumps all over him. I need to run to the grocery store and get some calamine lotion, but I do not want to take him but it looks like I might have to do it any way since I am not sure if I am going to. I am bummed because of mothers day we are going to have to stay home and do nothing since I do not want to take him anywhere and get a bunch of other kids sick.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This is my son modeling my Cookie Lee Jewerly for me. He is so cute and this is something that he loves to do.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fun day at home

Me and Justice stayed home today, we had to wait for Fedex to show up with my new blackberry phone from Verizon and I already love it and am trying to figure everything out on it. Not an easy job but it is sure fun. We played inside all day since it was grosse outside today and I did not want to have to go outside and play in the wind and rain. We had a lot of fun though, well not when he decided to bite me so hard that I started to cry so he got a swat on the hinny and then had to sit on the couch until I told him to get down. He then told me sorry gave me a hug and kiss then kissed my owwie and then pulled him pants down and asked me to kiss his owwie where he had gotten a swat. It was cute and we had no other biting problems other than that today. I love the days when I get to stay home with my little man and play. We played with everything today and maybe somethings that we should not have, well him at least like dumping hot cocoa into the burner of the stove and that was a mess to clean up, oh well.
We had a wonderful day together and I am looking forward to tomorrow with him

Monday, May 4, 2009

Not me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by
Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

This Friday I did not let Justice go outside with out his shoes on the play because I was to lazy to find them.

I do not get up early on Saturday so that we could go get free wood at my mom's house, for our outside fires in the summer. Not me.

I did not go and do a jewerly show on Friday night and eat like a pig because they had made oysters and clams. I did not sit there and wish that I had eaten more, but already felt funny because I ate so many.

I did not order myself a blackberry this weekend so that I can be on the internet where ever I am at, and I am not sitting waiting for it to show up.

I did not put Justice in the shower with my again this morning so that I could get ready and take a nice shower and then have time to get ready while he played in the water.

We did not go to my husband's grandma's birthday party yesterday and have to leave early because I had a migraine, I was not in bed at 6:30 when Justice went to bed last night.

I most defiantly do not let Justice pretend like he is driving my truck to make him happy and so that I do not have to listen to him scream.

I really am not doing my blog and playing with not me monday instead of cleaning house and doing dishes/laundry


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