Saturday, February 7, 2009

No haircut for Justice

I tried to get Justice to get a hair cut today, had the appointment made and when we showed up Justice wanted nothing to do with it. He would only sit in the chair for two seconds and then he wanted to go bye bye. He stood by the door and said truck because he did not want to be there. So no hair cut for my little man, his hair is really starting to get long and cover his ears, but we will have to wait and try again another day.
Today we are just hanging around the house and not doing much, I might go shopping to find me some shoes but not sure yet.
Oh yeah this morning I got in the shower and got out. Was in the bathroom getting ready, had not gotten dressed yet and Justice tore off his diaper and came in and peed on me and thought that was just the funniest thing ever. I know he did it on purpose but what can I do, at least pee is sterile and not something to grouse. Hopefully this is not something new that he is going to try to do all the time.


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