Tuesday, February 24, 2009

so Justice decided today that he wanted to get into the butter. I am not sure why he did this but it happened twice so a bath and a shower for my little man today. Let me tell you butter is not easy to get out of hair. It still is a little greasy and we will just deal with it. I have been letting justice play in the water in the kitchen sink since one day I was gone and daddy let him help with dishes now he likes to do so, never thought it would come to this though. Oh well just another mess to clean up nothing different from any other day in my house. It seems that every time I turn around there is some kinda mess to clean up.He did not really get in trouble since I wanted to take pictures of it and I was laughing so I thought it was not nice to punish him if I was laughing and taking pictures. I just got him undressed and put him in the tub. then it happened again so we went in the shower. So today we have gone through his day time clothes, two sets of jammies and now he is down for bed. No wonder why I am always doing laundry


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