Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bad News hits home

Ok, so those of you who do not know my and my family, I will just let you know that I am the second to the oldest of 12 kids. My mom and dad have me and my brother, my dad has me and my brother and my little sister, then my step dad has three daughters, then my mom and step dad have two adopted children, two guardianship children and two foster children, we range from 29 to 6 months. That is just a little back ground. So today we are going to my neices which is my step sisters daughter first birthday party. We are also going to stop by my grandma's house to see her since she fell a week ago and broke her back and they just found out that is what happened. They are going to put glue into her back to fix it we just are not sure when this will all take place.
My mom also had cancer, but right now she is doing fine. My dad had cancer. Both of my grandpa's have passed away as well as a step grandpa, my step dad's dad is the only grandpa that I have left and then all my grandmas are still alive and well other than the one with the broken back.
My older brother has one son, my sister has a son and a daughter and one on the way. I have my son and my step daughter. My family just keeps getting bigger and bigger. My son and my nephew share the same birthday but they are a year apart. I love being a part of a big family and I would not change it other than holidays like christmas gets a little expensive.
Ok my husband has one bother whom is expecting their first child this year. He has only lost one grandpa and his family is pretty much healthy, so I am sure that marring me into this large massive family is weird and the fact that a lot of my brothers and sisters are younger than his daughter has to be werrid. I am 27 and Aaron is 36 so it does not seem werrid to me to have little ones for brothers and sisters but there is a larger gap with them and Aaron then me, but he is wonderful with them all.
I love my life as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, aunt, grand-daughter niece, cousin and the list goes on.
I do not have that many friends in my life because when I grew up I let a lot of them go because it was time for change, but the ones that I do have and the new ones that I am making I hold very true and dear to my heart.

Justice is down for his nap and we had a wonderful mornng. He took a shower with daddy today and played, cuddled and watched minnie mouse. I love those mornings when he just wants to cuddle.


Natalie said...

I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I hope your grandmother makes a swift receovery. My dad has a lot of family around AL, but we did not spend much time with most of them. It has pretty much been my immediate family my whole life. When Jeff and I stated dating/got married it was a big adjustment for me. It is not really that he has a big family, just that him and his extended family are so close. It is not a bad thing though, they have all welcomed me and my son with open arms, and are actually going to help with Daniel when my Mom has her surgery in a few weeks.

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