Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another day in my life

Today was nice to sleep in for a little while. This does not happen in my house for me ever. Justice slept until almost 7:30 I was so excited, that I had forgotten that Damian would be here soon. Thank goodness my mom called and reminded me that Damian was on his way here to play for the day. Damian got here and I got cleaned up so that we could go and run some Avon books to customers, take Aaron his coffee and do a couple other errands. We are home now and Justice is down for his nap. Damian is watching TV so I am able to get some work done, but Damian keeps forgetting that Justice is asleep and starts being loud so I am not sure how long the nap today will last. Hopefully for a while because i have things to get done. I have already swept the floor, washed the kitchen table, emptied and refilled the dishwasher, started laundry, cleaned the bathroom, so that leaves, folding laundry, oh yeah I started dinner, so that is finishing dinner, putting laundry away, more dishes, and the list just goes on. Then also make time to cuddle with my son, play with my son, and take care of my sons needs. I think today is going to be a busy day. Oh yeah we need to go to walmart too, we need to get diapers. Not sure what else I need right this second but I will make a list before I go


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