Friday, February 27, 2009

My first party

My first party went wonderfully last night. I had three wonderful hostess and we had so much fun. There were I think at one time there 30 people. I can not complain it was a 800 dollar party and I had almost everything they wanted there with me so I do not have to pick up that much for them. They got to take their jewerly home with them last night. I love this company and can not wait to get some more parties on the calendar.
Justice had a blast at daddies work when I dropped him off so I could go and do my party. Today we both are tired since little man after I got home was up most of the night which sucked but at least I got to cuddle with him. He is down for his nap and I am working right now and need to get a lot more done today just not sure where I want to start and how much I am really motivated to do.


Natalie said...

What company is it that you are selling for?

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