Friday, February 13, 2009

My 50th post

Today is my 50th post and I have not been doing this that long. I have found some wonderful other blogs that I have started to follow and won a wonderful basket yesterday from I love her blog and it is very fun to keep up to date on all of them
Ok so now on a more personal note. Tomorrow is valentine's day and I need to go shopping to get my little man something and Aaron something. Aaron will get Adina's when he goes out. This year I need to get Justice something good since he is older. I am also trying to start planning his second brithday party and it is going to be a big one since last year I did not get to do the big one, had to cancel the night before the party because he had the flu. It sucked so I am going to make up for it this year.


Natalie said...

I am glad you liked the basket. I hope you can enjoy a wonderful relaxing bath tonight!

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