Monday, April 20, 2009

Wonderful Day

Today was one of those days I did not want to end. Me and Justice got up and got ready for the day and waited for poppy (my dad) to get here then off to get flower bulbs and lots of them. I know someone so I get thousands of dollars worth for free. It was fun and my dad was overwhelmed picking out what he wanted. Normally I just take them to him but this year I took him a long for the fun. He had fun and was not sure what to do at first. Justice rode in his stroller for a while then I let him loose and he had fun looking at all the flower bulbs and just running around. We then came home for nap time.
I worked outside for a while. Then I had to go threw the bulbs that I had gotten a separate them out for everyone I got them for.
Then we played outside all day. It was beautiful outside and warm, I did not want to come in but Justice was getting tired and grumpy. We cuddled on the couch and watched Sponged Bob and Mighty B before Justice headed off to bed.
I got a hot bath in tonight which felt so wonderful, now I think I might go to bed since I did not get any sleep last night. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as nice so we can outside some more


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