Monday, April 6, 2009

Busy weekend

This weekend was a really busy one. Friday we had our first BBQ and fire of 2009. It was fun but it sure got cold out around 11:00. I was ready to come in and get under my heated blanket and get warm. I think we came in the house around 11:30 and it was off to bed for me.
Saturday I had the annual garage sale to do for cookie lee and it was nothing like it was in the past. Not very many people and things just did not sell like they should have. I also did not very many people interested in joining my team which sucks because I would really like to promote this month. Justice got to stay home with daddy all day. They did walk down and see me once during the day which sure was nice. Other than that I am not too sure what the two of them did all day.
Sunday was Aaron's 37 birthday so we went to my grandma's, then to my mom and then down to his parents for his birthday. It was a good but busy day.
Today I am at home with my little man, waiting for my sister to get here since my step mom has be appointment today and I said I would take jaryn while they went, so here we sit and wait to find out what is going to happen to sandy. I am scared


Natalie said...

I hope that you will get some good news today and you guys will bein my thoughts today.

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