Friday, April 24, 2009

Today Justice will be going to aaron's parents house so that I can go and do my jewerly show in Smokey Point. He will have fun there playing while I am making some money. Other than that we have done some running around and getting some things done that needed to be done.
Last night we lost our power for about 3 hours it sucked and I felt kinda like I was Amish. I had made dinner for some friends for movie night. So we ate then it got dark so I lite candles and waited for the power to come back on. Justice did not understand that when the power is out we do not get to watch TV before bed so he kept going up to the TV pushing the button and telling me it was broke, yes hunny it is broke. Then he would tell me to get batteries he just did not understand that batteries was not going to make the TV work, but it sure was cute listening to him and watching him. We all got a kick out of him, then it was off to bed which he did not like since he has slept with music in his bedroom since he was born and it is always on, but I did not have batteries to put in his CD player to make it work so he had to go to bed in silence then when the power came back on I went in and tucked him in and turned on his music for him. He also sleeps with a night light and that did not work either so it was really dark in there. I felt bad but my little man needs his sleep too, so I was torn but he was a big boy and did a good job. Slept through the night and got up around 7 this mornign. He is now down for his nap and I am thinking that I am going to have to go and wake him up since we need to get going down south so I can drop him off and head to my show. Wish me luck and I hope I make some good money today and at my show tomorrow, we could really use it right now.

On another note this year I am excited for mother's day because Justice is getting old enough that we can do something for it. I think I would love to go to the park or something to spend time with my son and I would love something from his heart to his mommy for mother's day.


Natalie said...

Yeah Daniel always tells me that. Batteries must fix everything right? LOL

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