Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good weekend so far

Friday night I threw Aaron and BBQ party for his birthday. We had a lot of fun with drinks, food fire and wonderful friends. Justice was up for a little while of it then I got him off to bed and then we all hung out outside. It was fun and it was nice to see friends we had not seen in a while and it was so much fun but we were up until 2 in the morning in the driveway

Saturday we ended up going to different places. Aaron had to go and help his brother move from his apartment to his house that they are renting. I had to go to my moms for my step dad and little brothers birthday party. Justice has so much fun and my grandparents were in town that we do not get to see as much as I would like. So it was so nice to spend time with them. Grandpa has also made books for all of the kids. Justice got mickey mouse and it is a Disney book that grandpa put his own special touch to. The book is designed that he needs to go threw the book and find a fish on each page, it is so cute. I love going to my moms because justice is able to play with kids his own age and run from inside to outside with out me having to follow him around since they go out on the porch and it is gated off so that they can not get off the porch.

Sunday we went to the street fair with my little sister and my step mom. It was so much fun. Justice has a lot fun looking at all the things. Grandma also ordered a puzzle for justice that is his name. We should have it in a couple of weeks and it is so cute. I can not wait to get it here. Justice got an ice cream cone today and an elephant. Then we walked home and played outside for a long time. Today has been beautiful and it was sure nice to spend time with my step mom and little sister, tomorrow I get to spend time with my dad he will be here bright and early in the morning.

Other than that this weekend has been wonderful and I loved every minuet of it.


Natalie said...

Don't you love weekends like that?

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