Monday, April 6, 2009

Good news

As far as my step moms appointment that said that everything is OK and they want to recheck her in 3 months They said that the cyst in her brain was normal and everyone has one but hers is just a little bigger than everyone else's. I am not so sure what all this means and why she feels the way that she does but as far as this news goes it is good news in my book. I was so relieved when they showed up at my house and told me that news.
Justice had a good day playing with antie jaryn and me. He helped washed my car and he got antie jaryn all wet and himself too, but it was really warm out today so it was fun. We also played in the house and blew bubbles outside. He was a really good boy and had a lot of fun with his antie. He was really wexcited when they got here to get antie because he loves his grandma and poppie


Natalie said...

Oh that is wonderful that it was great news! I know how relieved you are. Yes we are loving the new place. Everything is put up and we can finally just enjoy being there. Now if this dratted snow would go away so I can put my plants back outside it would be even better

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