Friday, April 10, 2009

Sick boy

Today I had a show to do so we headed down south so that justice could go to the grandparents while I went and did my show. On the way there well actually I was almost there he got sick in my car several times. He covered himself, car seat, floor, and me, needless to say we are home, he is sleeping and I had to clean up the gross mess. I feel so bad for him and I rescheduled my party for another day. I hope my little man feels better soon. I really do not like it when he is sick because I am not sure how to make him feel better and it is no fun when you are so little and your tummy is sick.
Ok so as the day went along justice got worse and I took him to the doctor where he got sick in my car again and then in the parking lot. He has the flu and is not getting any better. They told me that if I can not get him to drink tonight I will need to take him back in the morning and put him on IV because he is getting dehydrated. I did bu Tylenol since his temp has been between 103.5 - 102.6 and staying. Poor little guy. We got home and tried to give him some tylenol and he got sick again all over him the blanket and the couch this time. I feel so bad for him. I waited till aaron got home and he gave him so more tylenol and he kept it down. He did want to eat something so I gave him some chicken fries since that is whats he wanted. I hope he keeps it down. He still has not drank anything and I am getting worried. I do not want to have to have him go on an IV. I put him to bed with a cup of pedialight and I hope he will drink it. Pray for him to drink and feel better. I wish that he did not have to be sick to cuddle all day, but I got to hold my baby all day and that was wonderful just crappy reasons why. The doctor did tell me that we needed to stay home all weekend so me and justice will be home all weekend. We will spend easter together and try to get him healthy again.


Natalie said...

That is no good. Was he looking at a book when he got sick? We discovered after many "sick" episodes that Daniel can't read in the car or he gets carsick.

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