Thursday, April 2, 2009

Painting the bed room

Tonight I started to paint our master bedroom, since my son had colored the walls with a green sharpie and my head board and my computer desk. Oh yeah and a blanket that is on our bed that my husband's grandma made him when he was little. Oopps. I needed to paint my room any way as I have lived here for 6 years and I have painted the whole house but our room. Thank you Justice for the extra push today to get it done. I have half the room done and I will do the other half over the next few days as there is so much furniture in our room that we have to move it and I can only do a little bit at a time then wait for it to dry then move the furniture back and so on. Tonight I got the wall that bed is on and the window, well half of that wall, the whole wall where our closet is at and half of the wall where our door is at. I think when I finish our room I will do our bathroom because that really needs to be done too. I am miss home improvements tonight. I also need to get some new blinds for our room and a valence, I might go look tomorrow for that.
Justice was a stinker today, he colored on the wall and all over my room, ran out the door and into the middle of the street so he got a swat for that one as I was running after him and yelling and he would not stop. He threw fits today just because, head butted me and split the inside of my lip open and it sure hurts. This is my son I love him and would not trade him for anything in the world and I am truely thankful for him, but I wish sometimes he would listen and be a little nicer to me. He did cuddle with me today a few times. Today was an eventful day and I got a lot done. I am proud of myself.
I am really worried right now as my step mom goes to the hospital on monday to find out what they are going to do about her brain tumor. I hope that this is something that they can fix and not have any side effects because I love her and do not want to see anything bad happen.
I am looking forward to sunday my hubby turns 37 boy is he getting old. I will get to see my neice for the first time since I have been sick since she was born. We will also be going to my mom's for lunch and so that I can get some work done, then off to aaron's parents for dinner for his birthday. It should be a good day that we get to spend together the whole day which does not happen that often anymore. Justice will like it because he likes when daddy goes places with us.
Tomorrow me and justice will find something fun to do maybe if it is nice I will take him to the park, just no coloring on the walls.


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