Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Crappy day

Today just has not been a good day all around. I played outside with justice, did 5 loads of laundry, emptied the dishwasher, and then reloaded it, put the clothes away, cleaned the house, painted with justice, gave him two baths today, made some deliveries, ran out to meet a girl that wants to sign up with cookie lee, got dinner, blogged, then justice cut his head open and has been very grumpy all day. Oh yeah I worked in the backyard scooping dog poop now I need to go do it in the front yard. I need to go shopping to get the things I need for Friday night since we are having a big party for my hubbies 37th birthday. Other than that I have been doing things with justice like taking the little puppy for a walk, playing outside, feeding and wiping snooty noses, comforting tears away, cuddling, running to the bank. Now I now why I am so tired and ready for bed at 7:19. Justice's head is alright he is going to have a scar but it is not bad enough that he had to go the doctor.

The story there is I was using the rest room and little man wanted to be held. Well that is hard to do, so he got mad and ran out into the living room throwing a fit and banged on the TV and the candler holders fell and hit him in the head. I felt horrible. I cuddled with him then looked at it. Maybe a centimeter long and not very deep. It really did not bleed so I took him into the bathroom put some hydrogen peroxide on it then neosorine. I then made many calls to see if I should take him to the doctor and decided that it was just a flesh wound and not to.

Then daddy got home from work, justice was excited to see him. I left to run another errand and justice stayed home to play with daddy. We then ate dinner, got justice off to bed.


Natalie said...

I always hate days like that. Nothing seems to go right and you are just generally in a funk.

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