Thursday, April 16, 2009

Darn truck

I just found out that my truck in low on coolant and the brake light is burned out. I have a really nice Chevy silverado that is lowered on 20 inch rims and tires. I love my truck other than the the minor problems today, so when justice wakes up from his nap we will be going to see daddy at work and get those problems taken care of since my husband is the service writer for an automotive shop in burlington. His boss is really cool and my hubby likes what he does and that is what matters. Just hope that I do not get pulled over on the way to Aaron's work and get a ticket for a brake light being out. That would just be my luck though.

Ok so aaron fixed my trucks problems and no ticket or being pulled over on the way that made my day

On another note justice has been a stinker throwing his dinner on the floor, throwing a light bulb across the house, dumping his bubbles everywhere to be spiteful. He was just a handful today then he ran into a pole going into the house not looking where he was running. My son must take after me. Accident prone. Other than all of that we had a good day together. Like most. Played, ran around, cuddled, laundry, dishes, dinner and made macaroni salad for aaron's party that we are having tomorrow night. Oh yeah we went to the casino, (smokes), riverside dist (peppermint, white choc), costco, delivered avon books, daddies work, took miss hazel her mail which justice loves to do, and then home to play some more


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