Monday, June 1, 2009

Classy Nail Files Review

The classy nail files are made of crystal and hand painted. They come in over 110 different designs by local artists in the Grand Rapids, MI.

The filling surface is etched into the crystal and is guaranteed to never wear out. They come in three different sizes:
small 3 1/2"
medium 5 1/2'
large 7"
They are easy to clean you just wash it off in water and they work wonderfully on the littlest of fingers to grown adults. these nails files are all green and will last a life with so they are not filling up our landfills.

I would recommended these for the little ones so that you are not taking the chance of cutting their fingers when they move you can just file them with a file that really works
Head over to Classy Nails and check them out.


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