Monday, June 15, 2009

Busy weekend with no break

This weekend was packed ill where I had no time to do anything. Furday night was the dessert night and we sure ate a lot. It was a lot of in and justice had a blast too, but I personally ate so much that I did not feel so well the next morning, but it was fun and that was what mattered.
Saturday morning we had family pictures at justice's nap time. The first few went good then my son lost it, he was ready for bed and just cried, we got my whole family done before that of my mom and step dad and all the children and grand children. There is only 22 of us total but the photographer did an awesome job. He was very patiant and very good with all the little ones. We then headed home and got justice down for his nap, I had to leave to go and do the acs fundraiser which did not go so well so I came home around 8 instead of staying the night. I was wiped and ready for bed. Aaron had taken justice down to his parents to help build a wheel chair ramp. Justice got his own hammer and a bail in a board to hammer on. I guess he was a big help and I am sure it was cute to watch him.
Then Sunday my dad and family came down here for a bbq for a early fathers day since my dad works on fathers day. It was fun and justice got to play with Damian and auntie Jaryn. He had a lot of fun, he even went to bed with no hassle that night, I think the whole weekend wore him out as this morning he actually slept in and it was so nice. He was a pill for nap though he went down at 11 and finally fell asleep around 1 and got up at 3, so now we will see how bed time goes tonight since he never sleeps that late. Today has been a day that I have done nothing and I don't plan to do anything other than lounge around the house and watch some movies with my little man.
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