Saturday, November 1, 2008


With all of today's plans going to poop I decided that it would not be fair to not take Justice out so we went down town and trick or treated where he got a lot of candy and would look and say pease sucker and tank you. It was so cute. Then we went to the outlet mall and did a little more there then it was off to home. Where he wanted to eat more candy but I hid it because he had already had a ton of suckers and some twislers. He did not need more. He then ate dinner, took a bath and was wiped out. He also is sick with a runny nose and a fever so I did not want to keep him up to do anymore trick or treating so at 6:00 I tried to get him to bed but he wanted to cuggle so we went out and cuggled for a while then off to bed where he fell right asleep and I have not heard a peep from him. Poor tired little man.
Aaron just left for hunting so that means a day with just me and my little man tomorrow and then on sunday Aaron is hunting again so the whole weekend just the two of us. I will find some things to do just mommy and Justice.
I had so much fun with him this year and I can not wait until next year where he will be a little older and we will go at night around our neighborhood and to town and make a day and night out of it since it only comes once a year. Oh yeah he was a scarcrow this year and it was so cute, I am already thinking about what he can be next year. I will find something cute but if he had his way right now he would be sponge bob I am sure since he loves that crazy cartoon.


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