Saturday, November 8, 2008

So today I heard that Old Navy was having a sale on hats and scarfs and I had a gift card to Khols, me and Justice went out to do some Christmas shopping. Not much but some. At least I can say that I have started now. I always wait to do my shopping and then kick myself because it is so much to do at the last minuet. We went to khols first and got Justice his ornament for this year and of course it is sponge bob. Then off to old navy where we picked up hats, gloves and scarfs for the little ones in my family. They were cute and did not cost very much at all. We then we to starbucks so that I could get my drink and Justice a cup of whip cream.
We then got home where Justice played with his new ornament and I wanted to start decorating for christams but have been told that it is too early to do so, I might just do it any how.

I am now looking to see where else I can go for good deals to get more shopping done.


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