Monday, November 17, 2008

date night

Saturday night me and Aaron went out and left Justice home with Aaron's parents which was needed for the two of us to spend some time together. The only thing thought was when we got home he woke up at 2 in the morning and stayed awake and now since Saturday he must not be feeling well because he is not eating and is poopy and does not want to do much. I feel bad and I know it has nothing to do with me not being home saturday it just makes me feel like I did something wrong. Trust me I know that me and Aaron needed some time together with out any kids but it just makes me feel bad though.
Today we did not do much other than hang around home and go to walmart to get wet wipes because one more poopie and I would not have any. Tomorrow we have things to do though and I really hope that he feels better because I do not want to haul a sick kid around. That does not sound fun for me or him, but we will see.
Justice still wants to watch sponge bob all the time and loves anything that has to do with sponge bob which sometimes is nice now that I can turn it on and he will watch it and I might get something done.


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