Saturday, November 1, 2008

powdered sugar

So today has not gotten off to the greatest start. Aaron left at 12:00 last night to go duck hunting with his brother and friend. I hope they get some ducks to bring home. Justice got up about 6:30 this morning so I got to sleep a little but not as much as I would have liked. He then came and watched TV with me in bed for a little while. Then all chaos broke loose. He found the powered sugar and covered himself and the house. The kitchen, dinning room, rocking horse, cars, my bed and the living room all covered. When I walked out I say it and thought that some drug deal went wrong in my house just because of the amount and everything. I have never seen so much of a mess before. I have gotten all the powered sugar up but after washing the floor for the third time it is still sticky, I am running out of ideas of what to do to clean it. I did not expect to have to clean my house this morning since I just did it yesterday, but I guess a clean house is better than a dirty house. Thank you Justice for having me clean the house again.
The other problem is bed and nap time lately. Justice does not want to go to sleep instead he wants to cuggle and I need him to nap and go to bed but instead he stands in his crib and screams and cries and I feel horrible but not sure what to do because he will not fall alseep cuggling or you honlding him.
Wow hopefully the day will get better and no more chaos. I can only hope


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