Wednesday, November 12, 2008

So today I put justice down for his nap and with in ten minuets he was in his crib crying and saying puckie( poopie). I thought that he had just gone in his diaper so I thought nothing of it when I went to his crib. Well I thought wrong, nothing new. He had pooped and taken his diaper off and had it on his hand, head and on the crib. That is not something that I would have thought would have happend. So I had to clean him the crib and the walls in his room before I could get him down for his nap. I wish someone would have warned me of these things because then I might have figured out a way for the diaper to stay on.
I am also working on potty training him and that is not working at all. I am not sure what to do, he will sit on it and then when he stands up he will pee anywhere but in the potty. Maybe someday I will not be changing his diapers any more but for now we will be cleaning up messes hopefully no more puckies anymore though.


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