Thursday, May 14, 2009

What a day

Today started to be a normal day then my grandma called and told me to come to bellingham. I only normally do this on the weekends, but we went. Justice had a lot of fun looking at grandma's new pond and playing there. Then since we were up there we went to my dad's which is only a couple of blocks away. We stayed in bellingham for four hours, it was nice to be able to visit and see my family. Since I do not get to do that very much. We then headed home to find out that I was excepted by pitch bloggers. I am so excited about this. I would really like my blog turn into something with reviews/giveaways and of course my opinion since I am so good about giving that. I am a down to earth, fun loving, momma whom is not afraid to state my opinion about anything.

Justice is now down to bed and I am playing with my new toy. My blackberry pearl. I love it................. I love being able to get my emails and things while I am not at my computer. What did I ever do before this? I am so lost now if I do not have it with me, but that only happened yesterday for a while, they had to trade it out for a new one since something on the first one did not work right. But now I have one that is working and I am loving it.


Natalie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Ihave always wanted to visit Bellingham. I used to date a guy that lived there for a while and it sounds like such an interesting place.

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