Friday, May 22, 2009

Today was a good day

Today me and Justice went to bellingham so that I could get some work done at my moms. I also helped her outside in the yard getting things ready for the garden, while I was helping Justice was running around and playing since they have a huge yard compared to ours. He had so much fun putting water in the pond and just playing. I love those days. We were there the most of the day then I decided since I was in town that I would stop by my dads even though we saw him in the morning, but my sister was at school and my step mom was not home so we went back. Justice got to play some more and play in the sprinkler. He all around had a wonderful day, well that is until we got home.

I asked him if he wanted to go outside for a little while so he took off outside and I was following. I was not out the door yet and I heard him hit the concrete and start screaming. I looked and he was on his face. Justice had tripped over the puppy and face planted it into the concrete and cut his nose, head and under his nose. He looks horrible and I feel terrible.

I had daddy take care of his owees when he got home and make them all better with medicine.
My little man is down and sleeping now and I am wiped from our wonderful day with a crappy ending


meggilicious said...

Concrete falls are always awful to see. My son had a nice incident last Friday, he still has scrapes from being pushed down onto the concrete nearby a park area by this little boy who wouldn't leave him alone. I hope you little man heals up fast!

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