Saturday, May 23, 2009

good weekend so far

Today has been a wonderful day with aaron and justice. We played outside and just hung around the house. It was nice I like the days when we get to stay home and do a whole lot of nothing. Justice got up this morning and went and woke daddy up and talked and talked it wad so cute. He talked about everything under the sun. Then he had to jump on daddy in bed it was so cute. Aaron tended to justices wounds again today because they are not looking to best but he survived the cleaning and medicine part of it. I decided today to go for. A ride on my motorcycle which I have not done in a long time. 2 years. It was fun and I forgot how much I like to ride, while I was gone justice got to stay home with daddy and cuddle with him. Justice normally is a momma boy but not today he was all about his daddy, and that is nice to have that happen because he needs that time with his daddy. Justice is in bed and me and hubby are having a fire outside and drinking hot cocoa it is nice to spend some time together once and a while.


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