Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fun day at home

Me and Justice stayed home today, we had to wait for Fedex to show up with my new blackberry phone from Verizon and I already love it and am trying to figure everything out on it. Not an easy job but it is sure fun. We played inside all day since it was grosse outside today and I did not want to have to go outside and play in the wind and rain. We had a lot of fun though, well not when he decided to bite me so hard that I started to cry so he got a swat on the hinny and then had to sit on the couch until I told him to get down. He then told me sorry gave me a hug and kiss then kissed my owwie and then pulled him pants down and asked me to kiss his owwie where he had gotten a swat. It was cute and we had no other biting problems other than that today. I love the days when I get to stay home with my little man and play. We played with everything today and maybe somethings that we should not have, well him at least like dumping hot cocoa into the burner of the stove and that was a mess to clean up, oh well.
We had a wonderful day together and I am looking forward to tomorrow with him


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