Friday, May 29, 2009

Daily adventures

Today was a busy day of playing and more playing. We reviewed some products and Justice just played in the pool, sand box and with the neighbor boys for a little while. It was a wonderful day to just sit outside and relax. I even got in the pool a couple of times today since I got too warm, it was refreshing and nice.
I got the house cleaned and some things done today while justice napped but other than that I just hung out with my little man today.

Justice did decide today to take his shorts and diaper off and run around the yard naked for a while and get in one of my flower pots naked, sit down and told me he was a flower. Then he went and got in the pool because he did not like the dirt on his bum. I thought it was cute, but when I told daddy he did not think it was a great idea, but my thought is he is two and when he gets older he won't be able to do that without getting into trouble so I let him play that way for a little while then I took him in the house and got him into a diaper and some shorts and back outside we went.

Tomorrow little man will be with daddy all day and I should be home just about bed time. Daddy and little man will be going to grandma and pappa's house for a while and I will be at a training class for cookie lee all day, but it is something that I enjoy to do.


Jennifer said...

LOL! He's a flower! So cute! And yes, I agree, let him be the flower, it'll be too soon when he's all grown up. ;-)

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