Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Two year old check up

I took justice to the doctor today to get his well child check thinking that he would have to have shots. Much to my amazement he is done with shots until he goes into kindergarten thank you. He got weighed 38 pounds and measured at 3 feet 1 inch (37 inches). My little boy is not so little any more. We also got some cream for his dry skin. They also looked at his rash that he has had for a couple of weeks now and found out that it is some viral rash that he could have up to 24 months. There is no real treatment and it will just eventually go away on its own. Other than that he is healthy and doing good. I love my doctor and Justice was a perfect little boy today. He did not run through the doctors office and held my hand like he is being taught to. He let the doctor look in his ears, eyes mouth and listen to his heart beat. I could not believe that he sat so still and let her check everything out and did not need momma at all. The only thing is though that the doctor says that I need to take away his Binky really soon which I have wanted to do anyway. So that is just another push to do so. She wants him to stay on tums everyday since he still will not drink milk and take his fluoride. Yeah clean bill of health and if all is well he does not need to be seen for another year. I need to get him into the dentist again just to have them look at his teeth and I need to change his tooth paste to a fluoride one the doctor says but that will come.

Tomorrow we will be going to get Justice's two year old pictures taken. I am so excited to get them done and home to compare with the last set that we did at one. I know he has grown up and the baby is gone altogether and now he looks like a little boy. It makes me sad and happy all at the same time. Time just goes by too fast.

Other than that Justice is down for his nap and I am going to work on some things around the house and try to figure out what I would like to get little man for his birthday. I have some ideas but not many so we will see what happens.


Natalie said...

I feel for you trying to get rid of the binky. I got the bright idea to get rid of Daniel's the week of my friends wedding. He honestly was not too bad but nap times were rough. Since then he has found one or two lying around and he throws them in the garbage and says he is a big boy now.

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