Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Today is wonderful

Today has been a wonderful day so far. Got lots of deliveries done and things around the house done. I am now working on reference checks, calling people whom came to my last party and thanking them for coming and trying to get some more parties on the books. I would love to have some sort of party going on every week. It might not happen right away but that is my goal. I am also trying to think of what to get little man for his 2nd birthday this weekend. I can not believe that he is already two, where has the time gone? As you get older I have noticed that time goes by a lot faster. It saddens me that he is no longer a baby, but I have so much fun with him every day that I love him being a big boy too. I just wish that I had a few more months with him as a tiny baby, but who knows maybe we will have another one someday, well hopefully sooner than later, but we will see what happens.
Justice has learned how to count, one, two, three then either six or one again but that is good for a two year old I think, He also says welcome instead of thank you, but at least he is using his manners, which is wonderful. Justice is growing up so fast that I am not really sure where all the time has gone, but it is nice to see what a nice and helpful boy he is becoming. Tomorrow morning we have his two year old check up and also they are going to look at his arm that keeps getting red bumps then they go away then they come back so I just want them to check them out. Other than that I can not wait to see how tall he is and how much he weighs. It should be fun.


Natalie said...

Isn't it funny how quickly they grow up? I can't beleive Daniel is going to be 4 in 2 months. I know when I get to AL next week he will probably have grown at least an inch in the month and a half he has been gone.

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