Sunday, March 8, 2009

Little mans birthday party

Today was Justice's 2nd birthday party. It went wonderful and I am so thankful for everyone that could come. Justice had so much fun and loved all the gifts he got. He got a scooter today and was riding it in the restaurant where we had his party, needless to say he fell now has a bump on his head that is black and blue. That is my fault for letting him ride it but he is ok so nothing to stew over.
It was so wonderful to have friends and family there to celebrate Justice's special day and I had a lot of fun too. I love big parties where Aaron likes small ones, well since last year I could not do a big party since Justice had the flu I did one this year, not sure if I will do a big one again next year. I will decide that closer to his birthday then.
We got home from his party and he played out side for a while, then came in and played, then took a bath after he tore his diaper off and was running around naked because he wanted a bath. I then got him ready for bed and put him down, for one hour he came up with every excuses not to go to sleep, so he got up and ate some pizza. I think I finally got him to sleep around 7:45. I am totally wiped out now and I think that it is about time to go to bed. I have already got all his presents put away and found homes for everything even the stuff that goes outside.
It was a wonderful day today and I am very thankful for everything and everyone today


Wendy at Babies Gotta Have It said...

Happy Birthday Justice! My little gal's second birthday is this summer and I'm already thinking about the party! I asked my niece what the theme should be and she suggested "polka dots" which I kinda love! Thinking about a polka dot birthday party!

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