Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A day of fun

Today was just a fun day for me and justice. We made deliveries, hung around the house and played all day. I love the days when we just play and hang out together. It is so much fun and I do not get to do it as much as I would like. With me being sick all week I did not feel like playing at all so today I was starting to feel way better so I decided that it was time to play with my little man some.
Last night I actually got justice on tape singing row row row your boat with his daddy, it is so cute and I am going to try to upload it so that everyone can see how cute it is. Not sure where he got this from but when he sings it he holds his hands above his head with his fingers folded together and signs that way and sways back and forth. I can not tell you how cute it is.
We also made a trip down south to meet uncle joel since he had collected some money for me for some jewerly that he had sold. We hung out at grandma and pappa's for a little while then it was off to home again so we could eat dinner and start relaxing for bed time, but the relaxing part never happened as little man has just been hyper all day long, still right now he is. He is in bed supposed to be going to sleep but that is not working out so well. He is playing and calling for me every couple of mins. This has became his new bed time thing I believe. Well last night he went to bed no problem but not the night before or tonight. But it has been nice being able to sleep in until 7 which i have not gotten to do in a couple of years.
I have not gotten any bad news about anyone today which is nice and I am just waiting until monday to find out what is going to happen to my step mom. Then we will no more after that appointment to see what the future will hold.
Tomorrow is my mom and step dad's anniversary, I know weird day to get married on but they thought it would be funny as they both have been married before. I am really not sure how many years this is but I think it is like 12 or something like that. They have been together a lot longer than that but it took them a while to get married, but hay it does not matter. As long as they are happy is all that matters to me


Natalie said...

Jeff and I got married on Leap year which is a weird day to get married. Easy to remember though. Did that on purpose ;)

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