Friday, March 20, 2009

today I did a fundraiser for the cancer society with my cookielee jewerly. It went alright. I would like to raise some more money for this so if you would like to go to and like what you see you can purchase it through me so call or leave me a comment and I will get it for you and mail it then I will donate 25% to the cancer society. 360-708-4353
Justice went to grandma and grandpa's today while I was doing my fundraiser. He had a lot of fun and was an excellent little boy. I am so proud of him and he did not care at all when I was leaving. I guess he was tapping on the table asking for ho ho which is santa. Grandma could not figure out at first what he wanted then it made sense that the santa was on that table at christmas time that played music and danced and justice just loved it. So grandma dug it out and he played with that and was so happy.
I am beat so I think I am going to keep this short as I have some work to do and would like to go to bed.


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