Thursday, March 5, 2009

Today is my typical Thursday. Damian is here for the day and Justice and him sometimes are more than I can handle but today they both are being really good which is nice. I am also taking Justice in this afternoon to get his two year old pictures done. I am so excited for that. I know not that big of a deal but it is for me. I got most of Justice's birthday presents bought last night so that made me happy and since I can not find a sand table for him, Aaron is going to build one before Sunday.
We are having a big party for him since I could not do it in his first birthday because he had the flue so I had to cancel his party then, not this year I am making up for last year and some. It should be fund the only thing is that I can not do it on his actual birthday since my nephew was born that day too and my sister had already said that she did not want to do a joint party so I have to do Justice's the day after but that is alright. I do not mind. This week is full of birthdays, 4th was my mom and brother in laws, 7 th is Austin and Justice's, 11th is my brother and the 13th in my cousins son and I am sure I might have missed a few but that means that we will being going to a lot birthday parties this weekend and next week.


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