Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day with Nana

Today Justice got to nana and poppa's because I jad to go to court to fight a ticket that I had got and did not desrve. I went into court with a really bad attitude that it would not be dropped and I would be stuck with somethig that was not right, but the judge was really cool and dropped my ticket even before I told my side of the story. Luck was in my favor I was so excited.
I went back and got justice, he was still eating dinner with the other kids when I got there so I hung out for a while and finished letting him eat, then off to home we went. We got home and cuddled for a while and got our jammies on and off to bed. He is actually asleep and that is amazing since the last few nights it has taken him a couple of hours to go to bed, but not tonight I just let him yell and off to sleep he went. Yeah


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