Friday, March 6, 2009

Justice will be two tomorrow. Time sure flyes. I took him today to get his two year old pictures taken and he was so good and they turned out so cute. I can not wait to get them in my hands to give out to everyone. We also did the last of his birthday shopping. Yeah I am done. Today we are just hanging around home now that I got all of that done, we are going to try to make the last of our deliveries for avon, but other than that not a lot of anything. I need to wrap his and austins presents but that can wait until later.
My little man is growing up so fast and right in front of my eyes. I can not believe how big he has gotten and how smart he is. It seems like yesterday I was just bringing him home from the hospital where I could shower with out company, I could get things done around the house and not worry about them getting destroyed the very next second. Oh well it is all part of life and I love every minuet of it


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