Friday, January 9, 2009

No sleep for mommy

Justice has not been feeling well for the last couple of days running fevers of 103.2 and 101 just depending if he is on the Tylenol or not. He for some reason knows when I am going to bed and decides that is when he is going to get up. We have slept on the couch together for the last few nights which means I do not sleep, so I have gotten to cuddle with him all night which I cherish because I know that this is not something that I am going to be able to do with him forever. I am tired though because no sleep catches up with you. I am hoping that he starts to feel better and will sleep through the night tonight so that I can get some sleep too. Right now he is acting normal and is not running a fever. Lets hope for the best and that it stays this way.
We were so lucky last night, I live right next to the skagit county river and luckily it was not one of the ones that flooded. I am sorry for the ones that did get hit but thankful that our river was not one of the bad ones because if it was, I am sure that our house would be hit. In 2003 the river flooded here but not get to my house and I hope that is the case every time but you never know living in a flood plain.
Things are slowly starting to get normal around my house other than the no sleep.
My new years resolutions this year are simple and things that I know I can do.
1. make more money
2. spend more time with my husband
3. get justice potty trained and in his big boy bed
4. break the bottle
5. have another baby
6. organize my house and paint

other than that I am not sure what else I have.
Justice is getting more active and independent everyday. He likes to do things for him self and by himself a lot which is fine because he is growing into a wonderfully loving and caring little man, I miss doing things for him but I know that he needs to do them on his own sometimes since that shows him how to be independent and how to be a good little man. Life right now is wonderful and I would not change a thing about my life.


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