Monday, January 26, 2009

Being sick

Saturday I had my first cookie lee party at my house. It went wonderful. Justice got to go and spend sometime with daddy. They went to the guy shops and had a lot of fun, it was nice to enjoy my party and not have to chase a little one around the whole time. They got home just as my party was ending. Justice and I have both been sick with a cold and neither of us are feeling up to par but that means that I have to work and take care of myself and him when we are not feeling well. Today he seems to be doing better though which makes me happy.
Sunday we did our usually other than church since neither of us still were not feeling well. We made our rounds in bellingham then went to nana's so that I could put him down for his nap and I could get some work done then we came home and waited for daddy to get home from hunting. It was good day other than being sick.
Today has taken me a long time to get motivated to anything, but I am up and ready to go now. Once justice wakes up we have to go to make an avon delivery, the bank, to a customers house then home. Then tonight I have to go to tukwilla to the cookie lee showroom it should be fun other than driving there and back. Not looking forward to that, Justice will stay home with daddy since I am leaving close to his bed time.
I decided that I needed to make some more money for our family and avon is not cutting it right now, I do not want to have to work where I would not have my son with me, so I thought I would try cookie Lee. My first party went really well and I got a few parties scheduled from that so hopefully this will help out a lot.


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