Monday, October 27, 2008

So I have not had a lot of time to keep this up to date. Friday was just a stay at home day where me and Justice played most of the day.
Saturday I had him paint his pumpkin because my son cleaning out the pumpkins and around knifes just scare me I might be a little over protective but that is OK with me.
Sunday we went to church, then went to my grandma's to deliver her Avon and to see her. My dad was there to so killed two birds with one stone, Then off to Nana and poppa's to hang out and work. I got a lot done there and Justice finally took a wonderful nap. Then we headed home so that Justice could help daddy with the wood he went and got. Then dinner and off to bed which did not last Mr was up all night. He is down for his nap now so that I can try to get somethings caught up on and work on my Avon.
I also got to see my cousin whom hasn't seen justice since last christmas so that was nice and I love spending time with the family and with my little man.


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