Saturday, October 18, 2008

sleepless night

So about 11:30 last night Justice woke up and wanted to cuggle (cuddle) that was after I changed his diaper. This went on until 4:30 in the morning. I think that he is taking it really hard that daddy has been gone for so long, but he will be home tomorrow. SO with the sleepless night we went up to nana and poppas today so that I could work and visit. After naps we decided to take Justice, me, poppa, jaden, ocean, leah and Jonny all to the pumpkin patch so that they could pick out their pumpkins. That was fun and they all choose the one that they wanted with a little help from either me or poppa.
Then we got back to the house and ate dinner then it was time to head home. Justice really liked the dvd player in poppa's car and it kept him entertained so I think I might look into one of those for him for christmas.
Tomorrow he will be so excited when daddy walks through the door.


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