Thursday, October 23, 2008

So I have been trying to work on potty training and it is not going as planned. Justice has decided that the potty is something to stand on instead. He puts his little feet where the potty should go and stands on it and I have tried to put him in big boy undies and see if that would work but he wets those on purpose. Back to the drawing board on that one.
So after 27 years of my life I have decided that I hate cooking dinners, so I have now started to make big meals and freeze them so that I will not have to cook every night. I have also started to do this with snacks too, because making them myself has to be cheaper then buying them and I have two boys (Aaron and Justice) whom love to eat goodies so I have to make sure that we have them in the house. Last night I made a roast that cooked in bbq sauce all day and then we shredded it and made bbq hot sandwiches and boy were they good and I froze the rest for another night. I also made two batches of spritz cookies and I am going to freeze them. Thank goodness I have a big freeze in the garage so that I can start doing this.
Other than this yesterday was a pretty good day. Justice wanted to go for a walk in his stroller so we did that and washed and cleaned my truck he sure is a big helper. He talks up a storm to like his momma.

Words he says:
momma, dadda, sister, nana, pappa, puppy, cow, horsey, kitty kitty, potty, bath tub, ponge bob, cookie, go gurt, cheese, nose, mouth, leg, hi, bye,ocean, leah, damian, jaden, jonny, outside, inside, up, nunums, babuse(apple juice) baba, binkie, piggie, poop, car, shut up, boots, sockie, shoe, spoon, please, thank you, bath tub, and I am sure there are a lot more but that is all I can think of right now. He also talks in his own laguage but every little kid does.


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