Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So Aaron has been gone since last friday so Justice has been a big help and not only that he has been very cuddly and clingy so it is taking me a while to get the things done in the morning that normally take me no time at all.
Like every morning lately since Justice has started to watch cartoons, should I say cartoon (he will only watch Sponge bob). I got him on the couch and settled watching his show with his bebe, bubba and a blankie and I ran to get my shower in. When I got out it was way to quite so I grab a towel and came out to the living room where he was not at. He was in the kitchen with a chair. I asked him what he was doing and he said "mama cockie (coffee)." I then looked and he had taken the espresso machine and made coffee with butter. The machine was cover, the cups everything including him. I now wish I would have taken pictures but was not thinking about that at the time. I love the little things that he does to try and help but boy oh boy does he make a mess.

I got him cleaned up and the kitchen taken care of for him to turn around and want baboos (apple juice) and that got dropped and spilled all over the floor. It is a wonderful morning to what hopefully turns out to be a wonderful day.


Tiff said...

You gotta love those days... I hope things turn around for you!

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