Sunday, December 28, 2008


I am so glad that the snow is gone and the Christmas festivities are over. Don't get me wrong I love this time of year there is just so much that goes on that time at home is few and far between.
Christmas eve we had Justice and Adina open their presents from us and that was fun especially watching justice open this year because he actually wanted what was under the paper and not just the paper. Then Christmas morning we did stockings and Santa gifts, then off to Aaron's parents to do it all over again and eat brunch. From there we went to Aaron's aunts and uncles place which was a long drive in crappy weather. We had a lot of fun everywhere. Then off to home. Which took for ever and every idoit was out driving around. We finally got home about 9 and got the kids off to bed. To get up in the morning and head to my mom's house. We all had a lot of fun and I love the holidays with family being able to spend time with everyone. This year at my mom's was different though because my three step sisters were not there, it was less chaotic but I missed them and wished that they could have made it.
I have been trying to take broken presents back and do exchanges and that is the part that I hate to do after the holidays.

Can't wait to do it all over again next year just hopefully the weather will be better and we will not have as much to do since it will be my year which means christmas morning will be at my mom's and grandma's houses and then we will do Aaron's family another day and that will be just his parent's house.

I am sad looking back on last year and how small justice was and this year he is so much bigger and so independant it just makes me think that I no longer have a baby but a big boy and he doesn't need me anymore. Ok I know that is not true but that is just how I feel. I think we need another one now so justice has some one his age to play with and so that Joel and Wendy's baby will have someone born around the same time as that one.
Now that the holidays are over back to normal life and hopefully I will have time to blog more.


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