Saturday, December 13, 2008

First snow

Today it started snowing. We were at Aaron's parents house and Justice got to have his first snow ball fight with his Uncle Joel and daddy. He had a blast. He then had to go and find every puddle out there to stomp in and just get wet and dirty. Thank goodness I brought his pj's down there so that I could get the wet clothes off of him and put him in something dry and warm
So far this month we have got our shopping done. Justice helped put up the tree and decorate the house and now I will start making some cookies for the many christmases that our family attends. I am looking forward to watching Justice open his presents since last year he did not really care since he was so young and this year I know he cares because he keeps sneeking under the tree to pull presents out to open. He cares about the ones wrapped in sponge bob wrapping paper the most, of course those ones are his too. Go figure. He is a smart little boy, sometimes too smart for his own good, but that is alright I love him and would not trade him for the world.
Tomorrow morning Aaron will be hunting so me and Justice since we are stuck at home since the weather is not something that I like to drive in, we will be playing outside in the snow. Not my favortie thing to do because it is too cold and I do not care for the cold, but I know that Justice likes it so it is something that we will do. Maybe he will sleep in for me too that would be a wonderful surpise that I would cheirsh for a long time. Being a full time mom there is not a lot of sleep but there are sure a lot of rewards to this job.


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