Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wow I have been busy

I have not posted lately, one because my internet was down and I have just been busy.

Me and justice did the fair everyday this last week and on Friday night daddy went back to the fair with us. I only live a couple blocks away so we walked there everyday and had a ton of fun. Then saturday I had a Cookie Lee booth at the fair and was there from 8am to 11:30 pm. I was so tired but my booth did really well and I made a lot of new contacts. I missed my little man but he had a good day with daddy, they went out to breakfast, coffee and then to a car show. After justice went to bed that night Aaron finished painting Adina's room. I am still tired from the long weekend but someday i will recover.

Sunday aaron took out truck to another car show and me and justice came down to hang out with him for a while. It was a wonderful day and i am glad the weekend is over and back to normal. I need to be able to just keep my normal life sometimes and not add a bunch of things on top of it or I get to tired and so does little man


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