Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What a week

this week has been really trying for me. my son is being a stinker throwing fits all the time and just being a stinker. Nothing is working, not time outs, not spankings not even going to bed early. I am not sure what else to try, I am ready to pull my hair out and scream, but i know that will not solve anything either. I love him to death but wish that my sweet little boy would come back and the little stinker would go away. Is this what they mean by terrible twos? If so I do not want them in my house and would love for them to go away.

Life has been trying all together and hard. I am not sure what to do to turn things around and make some more money for our family without having to get a real job where I would have to put little man in day care since that would take all the money that I would make and would make no sense to do that. That would not be helping us out at all.

I sold my truck and got a suburban for free, well we traded another car we had for it so that saves us some money, but not enough to make it. I need to start getting some shows for cookie lee. Book parties are good to so if you would like to host a show and earn free jewerly please let me know so that I can get your things to you.

I am depressed and not sure what to do. Way to much going on in the past couple of weeks and nothing has been to good.


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