Friday, April 23, 2010

Wow life has changed

Ok so me and little man have moved twice now that we are on our own. It has been interesting but we are doing extremely well. I am in school full time and justice goes to daycare (school) and he loves it. This is his second daycare now that we moved. Since we moved we got a puppy, fish, a snake and i have met a wonderful man that treats me and justice great. I met him awhile ago and things are wonderful i couldn't ask for anything more in my life right now.
life has changed a lot and my thoughts and feelings have changed about a lot of things but i guess that is what divorce does to you. i am not sure what more to say about that, but i am sure that any way has gone through what i am going through will agree with me.
I am so excite to start back on my blog daily and to start doing reviews and giveaways again now that i have internet and have settled in to our new home.
justice is getting so big he and he is the most handsome little man that i have ever seen and is getting smarter by the day. he is learning so much at daycare and loves where we live since my sister lives right by us so he can go and play with my neice and nephew all the time. life is going great.


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