Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wonderful vacation

Me and Justice and daddy went to Winthrop on vacation last week. It was so wonderful to take justice over there since he had never been there. We had a blast at Aaron's grandparents house, they live right in Winthrop. We got there Monday morning and that night it started to snow. Not what I was looking forward to but justice really liked the snow and running around in it bare foot. That is my little man. We took justice down town every day and play in town and he got to go to the candy store everyday. Something I do not do at home, but since we were on vacation I went a head and said ok with it. We also took him for a hike in the mountains to a huge waterfall and he had a blast. He loved the waterfall. We went to twist too and and took him to hank's which is a grocery store with animals that are stuffed there. The owner had just went some where and killed a lion and had it stuffed and put in his store. Justice loved seeing all the animals, he was so mad that he had to leave. He cried and screamed for a while. We just had a lot of fun doing things together and hanging out as mommy daddy and son. It was a much needed time together as the three of us.

We came home wednesday night over a pass that was covered in snow but we made it home safely which i am very happy about.

The rest of the week we just did things together and hung out. It was so much fun. I am thankful for the times that i get to do things with my son and my husband.

Justice still has no binkie and is doing really wonderful with that.


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